The Elusive Worm

natural dog worming

The elusive worm.  The thought of worms makes my skin crawl and I never want dogs to suffer at the hands (or lack of hands) of an unseen parasitic force.  Here is information that you can use to keep your dogs naturally worm-free.  If you make deworming a natural part of the seasonal cycle a complicated process becomes an easy one.  Read article here.

Before You Go Nuts, Please Use Caution.

Wanted to share this inforgraphic with you.  It looks fun but not so accurate.  While nuts do need to be used with caution, dogs are individuals and some do just fine with eating a small amount of nuts especially put through a food processor.   (no to macadamias) All nuts can cause stomach upset and gastric intestinal upset for both humans and our canine friends.  Usually it's when nuts are overfed. Use caution and work with your holistic vet or canine nutritionist. 

No Nuts Dog Consulting