Herbal Wisdom For Dogs

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 What works for one dog may not work for another. My holistic herbal practice combines nutritional therapy, herbs and environmental analysis to address your dog's individual needs.  Remember: A healthy dog is a way of life. 


I had lost all hope when my furry kid Google got diagnosed with E - cannis, pancreatitis and gastric issues. Rita was god sent. With her help, guidance , herbal therapies and an extensive food list i was able to take my dog out of so many health issues.
— Niti Singh, India
The improvements in Amber’s condition, since we began working with Rita, have been remarkable. She has led us through a series of steps, each one building upon the other, toward Amber’s healing progression. Not only providing help for our sweet girl, she has also given us such incredible support and positive encouragement all along the way
— Susan Pyle, Brandenton, Florida


Helping dogs and people find balance and partnership with nature through canine herbalism.

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