All Natural Care For Dogs

Believing that disease is the result of imbalances in the body, I teach you how to use a combination of diet and herbs helping your dog return to balance.. 

My Background - The Short Of It.

I've been working  one-on-one with dogs and owners for almost 20 years.  I learned herbalism from my father. I am a Western holistic herbalist.

My practice has grown throughout the years to encompass the use of diet, western herbs, phytoembryonic therapy (plant bud medicine), spagyrics, essential oils and flower essences. 

I have done apprenticeships with elder herbalists, taken key seminars with herbalists and healers that have helped me further my knowledge, like Matthew Wood, Dr. Isla Fishburn, Ralphton Overstreet , Carol Trassato, and Sajah Popham. I studied the work of Cheryl Swartz, Juliette de Bairacli-Levy, Susan Wynn, Barbara Fougere, Jim McDonald, Sean Donahue, Michael Moore, Leslie Tierra, Michael Tierra, Thomas Garran , Gregory Tilford, David Crow and others.

Since I moved to Olympia, Washington, I've attended the Hawthorn School of Medicine, and continue my education as much as time allows.  Currently I am a student of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, The Matt Wood Institute of Herbalism and just finished a six month training with Matt Wood in Jacksonville, Oregon. Yearly continuing education is important to me.

I'm a writer for Dogs Naturally Magazine. I speak on canine herbalism and teach classes to promote holistic canine herbalism. I’m also a cannabis educator. I work specifically with dogs of all types.

Rita Hogan Canine Herbalist Dog Herbalist

My Story - The Long Of It.

I grew up with my hands in the dirt.  I remember grabbing each plant in the garden as my dad worked his crops saying, "Daddy, what this?  He would answer and I would ask, "can I pick it?" I must have said this 200 times and he would just answer yes or no, explaining what each plant was as we went along during the seasons.  I would always pick helping my dad on the farm over being in the house.  My father used many of our farms available wild herbs and vegetables as whole plant medicine to support, cleanse and heal our horses, pigs, chicken and cows. 

My grandmother also used whole plant medicine in the form of herbs, poultices, tinctures and teas to raise her family of sixteen during the great depression of the 1930's.  Medical care wasn't accessible and she took care of her children independently with the occasional help of a midwife. Herbalism is in my blood.

Herbal healing for dogs

Growing up in a rural environment, I spent a lot of time in the fields and forests learning what each flower was, where the tadpoles were and wildcrafting for my dad and my best friend Cathy's mother. At the time, I didn't even know I was wildcrafting, I would pick what my dad wanted or Cathy and I would roam around her property looking for her mother's wish list.

In my late twenties, I started my formal studies of plant identification, function, energetics, history and lore.  In 2002,  I began blending those studies with my love for dogs.  I have obtained most of my experience through self-study, working with other herbalists, nutritionists and my role as the director of Music City Holistic Pug Rescue.

When I was 29 I gave my life over to the fur and slobber when I opened a holistic kennel-free boarding facility on 32 acres in the Cumberland mountains. 

Above is a short video of me walking the dogs at my kennel-free boarding facility, Almost Home Pet Farm.  I loved spending my days with the dogs and herbs in the forest.

Shortly after this I began noticing the direct connection between behavior, diet, vaccination and glandular imbalances.  For the next decade I threw myself into my work, started making medicines, honed my craft and began dedicated myself as a canine centered herbalist.

 In late 2007, I started Farm Dog Naturals, an herbal remedy company for the all-natural dog. Together with my business partner, Lynn Higgins, we have helped dogs and people have a more sustainable experience together through nature.

Farm Dog Naturals Herbal Products For Dogs


Fast forward to 2014, Farm Dog Naturals moved to Olympia, Washington. This is where I”m staying put for awhile . It’s now 2019 and I’m thriving and writing my first of three books on canine herbalism. The journey continues…