American Herbalist Guild Code of Ethics.

In my practice, I follow the code of ethics of the American Herbalist Guild. 

My membership is the guild is that of a general member.  I am currently working towards professional membership as stated in the guilds requirements.  See requirements here.  As a general member of the guild, I am bound by their code of ethics.                         .   

AHG Code of Ethics:

Informed Consent/Full Disclosure

AHG members will provide their clients and potential clients with truthful and non-misleading information about their experience, training, services, pricing structure and practices, as well as disclosure of financial interests if they can present a conflict in practice; and will inform their clients that redress of grievances is available through the American Herbalists Guild or through the appropriate agency where the member is operating under a state license.


Personal information gathered in the herbalist/client relationship will be held in strict confidence by the AHG member unless specifically allowed by the client.

Professional Courtesy

AHG members shall present opinions about and experiences with other practitioners and healing modalities in an ethical and honorable manner.

Professional Networking

Clients shall be encouraged to exercise their right to see other practitioners and obtain their botanicals from the source of their choosing.

Practitioner as Educator

AHG members shall assume the role of educators, doing their best to empower clients in mobilizing their own innate healing abilities and promotion the responsibility of clients to heal themselves.

Peer Review

AHG members shall welcome a peer review of their publications, lectures, and/or clinical protocols. Peer review is a primary means of enhancing our level of knowledge and expertise and should be encouraged.


AHG members shall recognize their own limitations when they feel a condition is beyond their scope of expertise and practice as an herbalists, or when it is clear that a client is not responding positively to therapy.

Avoiding Needless Therapy

Recommendations shall be based solely on the specific needs of the client, avoiding excessive or potentially needless supplementation.

Environmental Commitment

AHG members should acknowledge that individual health is not separate from environmental health and should counsel clients to embrace this same Earth-centered awareness.

Humanitarian Service

AHG members should be open and willing to attend to those in need of help without making monetary compensation the primary consideration.

Quality Botanicals

AHG members should endeavor to ensure that the botanicals they use are formulated and manufactured in a way that will deliver the desired therapeutic results, striving to obtain organically grown and ethically harvested botanicals whenever possible.